Want to grow your hair faster? Try these 5 tips and home remedies

Are you wondering how to increase hair growth? Follow these 5 tips and home remedies to take care of your mane.

The process of hair growth appears to be a long one, especially if the condition of your hair seems to be deteriorating day by day. You may find yourself deliberating over dull hair one day and hair loss another. If you are wondering how to increase hair growth, we have some gyaan to share. While modern marketing techniques may persuade you to assume that you need to use a lot of hair products to get results, this is not the truth. To make your hair grow faster and thicker, you should improve your daily hair care regimen and try some natural cures.

How to increase hair growth?

Much like your body, your hair requires sufficient nourishment and nutrients to be strong, healthy and lustrous. While home remedies can provide the nutrition required for your hair to grow faster, a proper hair care routine can control hair loss issues.

5 hair care tips to boost hair growth

1. Scalp massage: Regular scalp massage not only relaxes you and reduces stress, but also helps improves blood circulation to the root of the hair, boosting hair growth.

2. Choose the right shampoo: It is essential to choose the right shampoo for your specific hair type. If somebody has a very oily scalp, then they should use clarifying shampoo. If somebody has a dry scalp, then they must opt for a moisturising or hydrating shampoo, and if somebody has fine hair, then they need a gentle and strengthening shampoo.

3. Eat a healthy diet: Always take a proper nutrition diet because a healthy as well as well-balanced diet can help to promote hair follicles to enter the anagen phase, then increase hair growth.

4. Avoid styling or giving excessive heat to your hair: Heat to the hair, can make hair brittle and dry. It can also lead to dehydration and cause increased breakage. It also strips the hair of a protein called keratin, which keeps the hair looking healthy. It can contribute to hair loss due to breakage.

5. Keep your scalp clean: A clean, healthy scalp encourages good hair growth. The frequency of the weekly hair washes can be determined according to the condition of the scalp. If your scalp is oily and excessively sweaty, then you should wash it daily with a gentle shampoo. If your scalp is dry scalp, then, wash it twice a week. It will help to preserve the natural oils of the scalp and prevent irritation.

5 home remedies to increase hair growth

1. Onion juice: Onions are a magical ingredient for your hair. The sulphate present in onion juice boosts hair growth and control hair loss problem.

2. Aloe vera: This is a highly nutritious gel that is widely used to treat various hair concerns. The fatty acid components present in aloe vera gel contain anti-inflammatory properties which resolve scalp inflammation and help to get rid of dandruff. It also has a soothing effect that can help to moisturize the scalp to promote hair health.

3. Apple cider vinegar: Clean your scalp with apple cider vinegar. Your scalp needs scrub to maintain the pH balance. This will not only boost hair growth but will give shine to the hair.

4. Coffee: Coffee is used as a leave-in conditioner to enhance hair growth. Because of the phytosterols in it, it detoxifies the scalp and stimulates blood circulation. It may aid in the prevention of premature greying. Moreover, coffee contains caffeine, which helps to make hair smooth and lustrous.

5. Fenugreek: Fenugreek, also known as methi seeds, is a herb that is used as a culinary ingredient in every Indian kitchen. Methi seeds are high in iron, protein, and important elements, which can help nourish and encourage hair growth.

It is to note that though all-natural ingredients may be safe, they may not be suitable for all scalp types and may result in allergies sometimes. So, a patch test is always advisable.

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