Unseasonable Lightning strikes Cause Tragic Loss in Gujarat, India

Unseasonable Lightning strikes Cause Tragic Loss in Gujarat, India

At least 18 people perished in lightning strikes during unseasonably intense storms that swept across western India’s Gujarat state on Sunday. The fierce downpours, not typically expected during the winter months in Gujarat, caught many off guard.

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The torrential rains triggered devastating flash floods and lightning strikes, claiming the lives of at least 20 individuals, with 18 attributed to lightning strikes. Authorities in Gujarat state confirmed the tragic toll in a statement released late Sunday. Additionally, at least 40 animals perished in the storms.

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Home Minister Amit Shah expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of life in a message shared on the social media platform X.

The unfortunate incident highlights the growing threat posed by extreme weather events, a consequence of rising global temperatures, as scientists have repeatedly warned. Flash floods and lightning strikes, unfortunately, claim the lives of dozens of people in India each year.

The tragedy underscores the urgent need for effective disaster preparedness measures and early warning systems to safeguard lives and property in the face of intensifying weather patterns.

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