RHOL: Toyin Lawani and Mariam Engage in Heated Altercation on Reality Show (VIDEO)

RHOL: Toyin Lawani and Mariam Engage in Heated Altercation on Reality Show (VIDEO)

Fashion designer and stylist Toyin Lawani found herself embroiled in a physical altercation with her friend Mariam Adeyemi Timmer, and the dramatic scene unfolded during a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2.

The confrontation erupted as accusations flew between the two friends, each claiming that the other had been speaking negatively about them behind their backs.

This explosive situation unfolded against the backdrop of discussions among Iyabo Ojo and other housewives, who had gathered to address the ongoing tension and attempt to reconcile Toyin and Mariam.

[Video] RHOL: Toyin Lawani, Mariam fight dirty on reality show

Mariam had expressed feeling mistreated by Toyin, describing the relationship as condescending, and had been vocal about her grievances to Iyabo Ojo, Chioma, and others. On the flip side, Toyin confronted Mariam for what she perceived as an oversharing of personal secrets with third parties.

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In an attempt to reconcile, the two friends began making peace with each other. However, tensions escalated when Mariam labeled Toyin a liar and urged her to be quiet. This sparked Toyin’s explosive reaction, leading her to physically confront Mariam. The altercation reached a peak when Toyin smashed Mariam’s phone screen and threatened to escalate the confrontation further.

The other housewives present intervened, working hard to prevent the situation from escalating into a full-blown physical fight between Toyin and Mariam. The episode underscored the complexities and challenges that can arise within relationships, even among individuals in the public eye.

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