Here’s why flight attendants sit on their hands

Here’s why flight attendants sit on their hands

After going around to perform their usual tasks, these flight attendants can be seen sitting on their hands. While this may seem like a quirk or an idle habit, there is a reason for it.

Contrary to some belief, flight attendants are not sitting on their hands to prevent them from gesturing or to maintain a professional demeanor. The primary reason behind this practice is related to safety protocols and readiness during critical phases of flight.

During takeoff and landing, which are considered critical phases of flight, flight attendants are required to be seated and restrained to ensure their safety. Sitting on their hands is a practical measure to discourage them from using their hands to stabilise themselves or grab onto something during sudden movements or turbulence. In these situations, keeping hands free allows flight attendants to quickly respond to any emergency that may arise, such as assisting passengers, securing the cabin, or deploying emergency equipment.

Flight attendants also sit on their hands so they can handle emergency situations better. In the event of an emergency evacuation, flight attendants need to be agile and ready to assist passengers efficiently.

Sitting on their hands allows them to swiftly unbuckle their seatbelts, stand up, and move without any hindrance, ensuring a rapid response during critical moments. It also helps to keep the body in a rigid pose during emergencies, so that the body is less damaged.

While the sight of flight attendants sitting on their hands may raise questions, it is important to note that this is a practical measure that has links to safety and even regulatory compliance.

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The aviation industry places a premium on preparedness and quick response during critical phases of flight, and flight attendants’ adherence to this practice shows their commitment to passenger safety.

I bet the next time you are on a flight and you notice the flight attendants doing this, you will understand that they are only trying to ensure a safe and secure air travel experience for all

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