Hamas Israel: Hamas Funds for Terror Instead of Gaza’s Needs

Hamas Funds for Terror Instead of Gaza’s Needs

A recent Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) operation uncovered over 5 million NIS (equivalent to around $1.3 million USD) stashed in the home of a senior Hamas military leader in Gaza. The substantial sum of cash was earmarked by the militant Islamist organization for imminent terror operations and activities against Israel.

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Experts criticized Hamas for misusing funds on violence that could have drastically improved living conditions in Gaza- a coastal enclave that has suffered inadequate access to essential utilities and infrastructure for years under Hamas rule.

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The 5 million NIS could have financed the annual energy costs for nearly an entire neighborhood in Gaza. It could have powered some 200 homes with year-round electricity to counter the chronic power shortages that leave residents with only 4-6 hours of electricity per day on average. These funds could also have contributed gas for heating and cooking to help remedy shortfalls that have forced people to rely on hazardous wood-burning fires indoors.

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